Josephine Sacabo & Bradley Sumrall

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“Her vision reaches deeply into the interior, human-spiritual universe. Each image is vital, and eloquent. It doesn’t look like anything else.” – John Stevenson

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Josephine Sacabo’s Óyeme con los Ojos opened at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art on October 1, 2011 and was extended to run until February 26, 2012. The exhibit consists of 96 carefully selected photographs that chronicle Sacabo’s extensive body of work. John Stevenson appraises the exhibition:

“This Ogden Museum exhibition is generous and important. Measured in one dimension, it provides a strong selection of Sacabo’s fully-developed, mature oeuvre– the symbolist world of dreams and primal emotions, and drawing the outside in. Yet it is in another dimension that this work reveals its true scale.”

“To be sure, each component does stand on its own; a distinct, titled, portfolio of images. Each was preceded by a year or more of silence: artist at work. Then, all of a piece, the body of work appears fully formed. There is one characteristic in common: each portfolio crystalizes around a particular poem, or just a wisp of a poem, that somehow became caught up in Sacabo’s imagination.”

“I think that the epiphany of the exhibition, this collection of a life’s work so far, is that these portfolios are not isolated islands. They are components — cantos — of a single extended work.”

We may be viewing a classic, epic work, in the making. Time will tell.”

Contents: 96 silver gelatin photographs and photogravures printed on handmade Japanese tissue and chine-colléd on to velvet rag paper. The exhibit includes mounted wall text describing each body of work. Catalog: Óyeme con los Ojos, hardbound, embossed linen cover, 86 pages, 68 images, introduction by John Stevenson, notes on the portfolios by Josephine Sacabo. Artist is available for gallery tours and lectures.