Structures of Reverie


This luxury limited edition book is presented in a blue mohair box designed and built by Small Editions. The book is entirely handcrafted from the binding to the letterpress and hand-pulled photogravure images printed on handmade Japanese Mura Udaban paper.

Photographs by Josephine Sacabo

Design by Jacqueline Miro

Photogravures printed by Jennifer Shaw

Letterpress executed by John Fitzgerald

Hand-bound by Small Editions Press

Published by Luna Press, New Orleans, LA, 2018


This is the story of a woman who invents her freedom by creating an imaginary architecture made of light, scraps of memory, hopes, and dreams – a permeable architecture where nothing is confined.

It is dedicated to Juana La Loca, the supposed “mad” queen of Spain in the 16th century who for political motives was imprisoned for 46 years by her father, husband, and son in an architecture of darkness and stone.

– Josephine Sacabo