Beyond Thought – Luxury Edition


This luxury edition of 5 signed and numbered books is presented in a silk box designed and built by Small Editions. It measures 12 ½ x 16 inches. The book is entirely handcrafted from the binding to the photogravure and silk screen images printed on handmade Japanese Mura Udaban paper. The texts are letterpress on Japanese Sekishu tissue. There are thirty-three photogravures measuring 7 ½ x 9 ½ inches and nineteen double title page photogravures measuring 24 x 16 inches with an original silk screened emblem.

Photographs by Josephine Sacabo
Text by Clarice Lispector
Design by Jacqueline Miro
Original photogravures printed by Meg Turner
Letterpress executed by John Fitzgerald
Hand-bound by Small Editions Press
Published by Luna Press
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“I’m after what’s beyond thought.”
– Clarice Lispector
This series is guided with exquisite precision
by the writings of the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector.
She has guided me to what I call the ‘I wish I had my camera’ moments in my life – moments of experiencing the essence of something before it is embodied in a word or image; moments ‘beyond thought’.
She found the words and I in turn have formed an image for her words.
I hope these images have done justice to the power of the  
sensations at their source. And to Clarice Lispector.
– Josephine Sacabo